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I was asked recently for advice for a young developer as a 16 Year Old who has already become a successful(In my opinion) Developer and Investor/Publisher of Apps and Software. I had to really stop and think about that, as no one had really asked me for advice on that before.

The Big Points

As Lydia Hallie( A Successful Young Developer) once said:

The programming community can be harsh: they hate on each other because of the language they program in, they make it seem like it’s normal to get 2 hours of sleep because you have to code all night long, and that eating junk-food and sitting all day is simply the way it is. It’s absolutely not the case.

Lydia Hallie, via Medium

Solve your own problems

It is SO easy to be shown how to do everything but until you learn how to find your own solutions to problems then you will never BE A PROGRAMMER, You can call yourself one all you want, but no you won’t be one. If someone asks me for help, they frequently may hear “What did Stack Overflow/Google Say”

Make some small programs first

Make a bunch of “throw-away” projects before tackling the real one. With each one you do, you will learn something new without getting too attached to it. A developer I know says “Quantity Breeds Quality”

Have developer friends

Become a active member of the Developer Community. Join a local group, or one online. Go along and just talk to people. It’s that simple.

Read Articles

As Lydia said(the one who said that quote earlier), Read one or two programming or technology articles a day

This is all advice sourced from some of the best developers I know, but is something I go by and has made me successful. You will have your own style that you go by in your programming and coding. You will find it on your own to learn what does and doesn’t work for you. I wish you the best of luck on your career and journey into the upcoming tech world.

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