Nolan Perry

I’ve Been Busy! I’m Talking with All The Schools in Beaufort County to get as many Ear Protectors(formally “Surgical Mask Tension Release Bands for Ear Comfort and Extended Use”) made and distributed to Beaufort County Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and First Responders.

Please Donate to help me get over 900 of these made to distribute to hospitals and healthcare facilities in South Carolina. My Goal is $1000

Total Made: 800

Total Distributed: 700

Being Made Now: 30+

Model of the “Ear Protector”
FacilityRequested/Estimate NeedFulfilled
Beaufort Memorial Hospital6060
Hilton Head Hospital
Burton Fire Department5155
Beaufort/Port Royal Fire Department
Lady’s Island/Saint Helena Fire Department
Bluffton Fire Department
Sprenger HC of Port Royal6065
Sprenger HC of Bluffton
Morningside of Beaufort3640
Summit Place of Beaufort
Helena Place of Port Royal
Statistics on Delivered and Requested Bands

These Have Been Certified by the United States National Institute of Health 3D Print Exchange for use in a Clinical Setting when fabricated as instructed

Clinical Certification:

Print File:

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